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Scope of the company´s business:

Our company is building on longstanding experience with the production of boilers in the Czech Republic. The location of the manufacturing base in a traditional mechanical engineering area is a prerequisite for successful development.
Our goal in the energy sector is to provide comprehensive services for the design, production and implementation of orders.

History and structure of the enterprise:

The company was established in 1995 as a new company registered under the brand TH, s.r.o. and based in Ratíškovice. The company was founded to specialise in the development, construction, production and sale of steam and hot water boilers and thermal technology.

The product range includes mainly hot water and steam boilers with outputs of up to 12 MW, equipment for the thermal treatment of steam boiler feed water, condensate management and other machinery and equipment. We always construct our own products with already proven quality.

The boilers and equipment are assembled with control and measuring technology to ensure maximum reliability during operation.

Workers with many years of experience are responsible for our development and construction.
Our comprehensive, broad production program in our Czech factory satisfies most users’ needs. The program, called the ‘TH triple-pass boiler’, ranges from low-output hot water boilers to large steam boilers with superheaters.

TH triple-pass boilers offer a convincing number of advantages that ensure full customer satisfaction in hundreds of implementations at home and abroad.

Boilers are absolutely universal in both civilian use for heating buildings, large complexes and housing estates, and in industry where they produce hot water for heating and steam for technological purposes.

In addition to the above products, we also supply special heat exchangers that use the heat of exhaust gases produced by combustion engines or during the disposal of various types of waste.

TH has succeeded in consistently building and developing its boiler production throughout its existence, and has thus assumed a leading role. The use of computerized data processing techniques to determine dimensions and structures guarantees optimal solutions – both technically and economically. Our production halls feature modern equipment. The materials used and the production process itself are under constant supervision, resulting in reliable components and finished products. We have produced hundreds of TH boilers to the full satisfaction of customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Modern triple-pass boilers are environmentally friendly and economical. As the combination of spacious flue and three flue gas flow passes has proved to be the most economical, we build most of our boilers this way. Thanks to its construction design, the triple-pass boiler is extremely suitable for the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels.

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