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TH, s.r.o. provides the comprehensive development, construction, production and sale of boilers and boiler equipment. At the same time, it provides delivery completion, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service.

The company’s product range includes warm-water, condensing, hot-water, low-pressure and medium-pressure steam boilers, and special flue-gas heat exchangers, as well as adapted thermal technical components such as burners, controls, distributors, pumps and other technological equipment.

The comprehensive, broad production program at the Ratíškovice plant will satisfy most customers’ needs. We can resolve any non-standard customer requirements through custom production.

Advantages of three-stroke boilers

TH triple-pass boilers offer the following advantages:

  • Material quality dimensioning and design according to stress and heat load requirements
  • Structural design adaptability for plasticity requirements when absorbing thermal stresses
  • Extensive heat use through the cooling of surfaces heated by thermal radiation and heat loss minimisation
  • Combustion at a very low emissions level guarantees environmentally friendly operation and full compliance with the Air Protection Act
  • Overpressure flue gas operation with suitably designed flue dimensions result in perfect fuel burning and thus a high degree of efficiency
  • Low loss factors, together with minimal energy consumption and optimal control, ensure economical operation
  • High operational safety and long service life are ensured by a boiler design based on TH engineers’ many years of experience in the design and operation of steam boilers and the materials used
  • Large boiler water volumes with good self-circulation ensure safe heat transfer at the heat exchange surfaces
  • The large steam space and large evaporation area combined with a specially tailored steam outlet with optimum rising steam velocity reduce the occurrence of water droplets in the rising steam and thus improves its quality
  • The boiler is supplied as standard in right-hand or left-hand versions and with the fume exhaust at the rear or top (for the right-hand version, see the boiler sketch, the left-hand version is a mirror image)
  • Triple-pass boiler with low combustion space load (
  • Low heat losses through radiation thanks to a minimum of 100-200 mm thick thermal insulation, a heat-insulated flue gas collector and a water-cooled rear reversing chamber wall
  • The linings of the cleaning holes and manholes to the boiler flue gas section are made of special high-strength insulating concrete
  • Easy access to operating and cleaning areas ensures simple operation and servicing
  • Load-bearing (walkable) insulation on the top of the boiler, a standard feature, facilitates installation and maintenance and protects the thermal insulation from damage


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